Suzy first arrived in Broome 30 years ago, in the back of a ute, with her dog and all her belongings. It was far from glamorous as she had blown the diff in her old Holden 200 km South of the Kimberley town. As a young nurse she was unable to secure work in Broome, so she headed to Fitzroy Crossing where she was welcomed with open arms into the small, community hospital. Her journey with the life and people of the Fitzroy Valley was a happy one, she started her family there and went on to live at GoGo Station and later the famous Fossil Downs.

After ten years in the Fitzroy Valley, Suzy and her young family shifted to Derby, it was during this time that she started painting in earnest, a room full of finished works and an enthusiastic friend was the encouragement she needed to have an exhibition. This was the beginning of a wonderful journey with oil painting.

A change in her life and a shift back to Broome seven years ago saw Suzy reassess all that she was doing. She turned her attention more seriously to her artwork and started teaching both adults and children alongside painting and exhibiting the landscape she loves. In 2014 she met her partner Brian whose own creativity and support has bolstered her craft and pushed her artistic practice.

With an increase in productivity has come a shift in hand and her work on Aluminium panels are new and exciting. She creates representational landscapes with thick swatches of oil paint along side glazes and paint flow that come to life under lights, the luminosity of the aluminium is ignited allowing the sub-straight to glow through the artwork. These are innovative works that seek to generate an emotional response to the magnificence of country.

Original Artworks