Lucy grew up on her family’s mixed-farming and sheep property near Burren Junction, NSW. The vast expanse of the black soil plains, its big skies and volatile seasons, closeness to nature and love for the land has constantly inspired Lucy’s work. Although mostly self-taught, there are many craftspeople in Lucy’s large extended family and her love for “making things” was nurtured from an early age. She explores still life from a rural perspective, incorporating familiar objects – some from a bygone era, others everyday objects – and botanicals into her works.

Currently Lucy resides in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, where she works full-time as a Podiatrist. It is through this profession that Lucy visits some of the most remote and scenic corners on Earth. The Kimberley region is home to unique landforms, dangerous creatures, diverse agricultural enterprise and rich cultural & artistic practises. Here, her paintings offer an alternative idea of beauty by juxtaposition of the natural landscape with unnatural, yet equally familiar sights to the Kimberley, such as Emu Export beer cans with native flora and wildlife. This reflects an interesting mix of ancient and modern, natural and kitsch. It is through this perspective that Lucy challenges the viewer’s idea of what a “beautiful” or “natural” landscape should or could look like.

In addition to her painting practise, Lucy enjoys drawing charcoal portraits of people she meets in her Kimberley travels. Many of her older subjects were born under a tree on a cattle station. They tell stories of life in the bush, working on stations and living in missions. These people form part of the confronting recent history in the Kimberley. Lucy finds it heart-warming when her subject views his or her portrait for the first time, usually with a great deal of delight, as they take it home to keep.

While Lucy aims to paint in a photorealistic fashion, she likes to experiment with loose, painterly styles and occasionally abstraction. Her favourite medium is oil paint, followed closely by charcoal.

Original Artworks