The enchantment with Broome for Denise began in the 1980’s when she came to work with children as a dental therapist, in a mobile dental van at the local Schools. In the early days of living in Broome she was told by a local person that once the red dirt gets under your toenails you’ll never be able to leave. She did leave, and her travels took her to live in New Zealand, London, Norway and Italy. But, as foretold, Broome lured her back. The opportunity to commence her dream of art practice was stalled with life and children getting in the way. A move to the city with children’s schooling enabled her to do some art. Painting was her first foray into the Art world and exhibited successfully at the Fremantle Arts Centre and the Moore’s Building. Denise’s iconic shop in South Fremantle which she operated for many years was filled it with colour and creativity and this inspired her to commence pottery classes. Her vision was to create functional art and art with a story, and hence her story of The Broome Kids that had enchanted her in the 1980’s emerged. The children have been wandering for several years now across Denise’s artworks and most recently across her porcelain pieces. The kids are a perfect vehicle for creative play – imagination having fun. They tell their own stories which are often interspersed across time and often across different cultures. They fossick, they play, wander and observe…. Denise now resides in Broome following her children home. She has time now to create, play, wander and observe.

Original Artworks